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Construction ABC's Charter

Project Lead Name: UK BIM Alliance/Dan Rossiter

Project Stream: Knowledge Bank

Project Synopsis:

The UK BIM Alliance, through its mission to improve BIM adoption, recognises that terminology often becomes one of the first barriers to BIM.  With this in mind, the Alliance has been working with Dan Rossiter, the European and International Standards convenor for BIM terminology, to outline how the Alliance can lead by example in championing plain language. 

The proposal is the 'Construction ABC's' charter.  Each member of the Alliance, BIM Regions and BIM 4 Groups will be asked to commit to the ‘Construction ABCs’, a plain language charter to help ensure that BIM and construction information is discussed in a way that allows professionals at all levels to engage.

Please review the document provided and email your comments/suggestions/feedback.  All comments are welcome until Friday the  13th  April. Once all comments have been collected and considered, this charter will become live on the UK BIM Alliance website on Tuesday the first of May. 

We hope that once the charter is live, that it will be supported and shared with your peers in the hopes that everyone will follow the construction ABCs.

Click here to download the 'Construction ABC's' proposed charter here.