UK BIM Alliance Projects

Upskilling Project

Project Name: Collation Of UK Training Provision

Project Lead Name: Martin Simpson

Project Stream: Upskilling

Project Synopsis:

Pathfinder project to collate the current level of UK Training Provision with respect to BIM and Digital Transformation in the Built Environment.
There are different levels of training provision:

  • In-person or on-line training against assessment against a published learning outcomes.
    These are usually provided by commercial organisations (eg BRE/RICS) or HEI (eg MSc BIM & Integrated Design at University of Salford)
  • In-person or on-line training with a formal agenda but without assessment.
    These can include BIM Conferences, CPD events, webinars
  • Personal learning against a personally recognised requirement (eg reading around a subject area, or youtube videos on specific issues)

The above can fall into two further categories:

  • BIM Theory & Process
  • BIM authoring or other BIM related software

This project aims to compile and collate the level of training around BIM Level 2 to:

  • Identify gaps in training provision
  • Identify areas of 'mixed message' which could lead to confusion and constrain upskilling agenda
  • Develop strategy with current training providers for rapid and widescale dissemination (ie to reach the 2million people) against targeted need

Project will require following stages:

  1. Develop on-line form/survey to collate necessary information
  2. Discuss with signatory institutions whether the CPD records of members holds this data and whether we can get access (through data protection laws)
  3. Request from signatory institutions, regions and companies to deploy amongst their staff
  4. Provide a high-level report on the findings