UK BIM Alliance Projects

Upskilling Project

Project Name: Collate Existing Competency Frameworks

Project Lead Name: Martin Simpson / Debbie Carlton

Project Stream: Upskilling

Project Synopsis:

Pathfinder project to collate existing competency frameworks with respect to BIM and Digital Transformation in the Built Environment. Competency is not just training, but is a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviours and attitude. Ultimately, professionals of the built environment need to be able to assess their current competency and be supported to develop additional competencies in terms of training and future experience.

There are different types of competency frameworks:

  • National/international competency (eg Learning Outcome Framework, BIM4VET, BuildingSMART international)
  • Provided by professional institution or trade body
  •  Provided by individual companies for their employees

This project aims to compile and collate the existing competency frameworks to enable future work around:

  • Identify gaps and commonality in competency frameworks

Identify conflict between competing requirements

Allow a unified competency framework to be developed for BIM level 2 to support the wider digital transformation journey

Project will require following stages:

  1. Identify existing literature searches which may have already identified pre-existing work
  2. Identify contacts with signatory institutions and companies to request their competency frameworks
  3. Identify and collate national/international frameworks that have been or are currently being developed.
  4. Provide a high-level report on the findings (this will not be in in-depth review of the competency frameworks, more along the lines of #% of professional institutions/companies have specific BIM competencies that they expect their members/employees to demonstrate