UK BIM Alliance Projects

Projects Supporting The Adoption Of BIM Level 2

The Alliance’s aim of making BIM Level 2 ‘Business as Usual’ by 2020 can only be achieved successfully with the involvement of members of the industry, though establishing the knowledge base and understanding that is an integral part of anything becoming ‘business as usual’.  Separately, the Alliance is also committed to supporting the industry in its BIM journey, and wants to assist the viable research and other projects of industry members which will be of wider benefit to the BIM community and process.

To achieve both of these harmonious aims, one of the Alliance’s main activities is to provide an avenue for members of the BIM community to submit projects that:
1. Will demonstrably progress the journey towards making BIM Level 2, Business as Usual and/or
2. Will demonstrably progress the BIM processes, knowledge and understanding to the benefit of the wider community

As an Alliance project, you will be making an invaluable contribution to achieving the aims of progressing the BIM journey.  In addition, as part of an Alliance project, you will have access to guidance and mentoring of the Alliance’s experienced core members as well as a forum to obtain comments (and attention) from respected members of the industry on your project results.

Summary of Project Process:
• Submit project application form - Click Here
• Alliance will confirm result of this application, confirm the allocated Alliance liaison for the project and provide further project agreement documentation where relevant
• Project author shall submit a draft paper and/or survey within [2 months] of confirmation, or such other time as agreed with the Alliance, which shall be made available on the Alliance website for industry comment
• Project author shall submit the finalised paper or report within [4 months] of the submission of the draft paper and/or survey
• Finalised paper or report shall be made available on the Alliance website for download