Andy Boutle, Sarah Davidson & Shaun Farrell join the UK BIM Alliance Executive Team

Andy Boutle, Head of BIM Regional Building at Kier, Sarah Davidson an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and Shaun Farrell, UK Information Manager Service Lead at Buro Happold have joined the Executive Team. 

Andy has come on-board as Engagement Co-Lead with Pam Bhandal, Sarah as Co-Lead of Implementation alongside David Glennon and Shaun is Operations Co-Lead with Stephen Holmes.

“I have been working with the Alliance for the last 18 months leading the Communities stream which is made up of the BIM Regions, BIM4s and Special Interest Groups across the UK.  Our community groups are a core function of Engagement and our outreach into industry.  I am excited to join the Executive Team and look forward to continuing to build momentum with the team into 2019,” says Andy.

Sarah adds “I have been working with the Alliance since its launch and was delighted to be involved in the Security Provision Project – one of the first projects to be supported by and published through the Alliance.  I’m really excited to have the opportunity to play an active role in this initiative through the Executive Team and I am looking forward to seeing innovative and challenging projects advanced through the support of the Alliance.”

“I have been involved with the UK BIM Alliance as an event attendee and industry supporter from the beginning and for the last 18 months co-leading the BIM Regions London with Sarah Rock.  I am excited to join the Executive Team and do all I can to support the operational side of the Alliance addressing whatever challenges come our way,” comments Shaun.

Dr Anne Kemp, Chair UK BIM Alliance welcomes Andy, Sarah and Shaun.  “The Alliance has made great inroads in driving the digital transformation of our Industry in 2018.  To continue this drive we welcome Andy, Sarah and Shaun to the Executive team.  Their level of passion, experience and knowledge is outstanding and shows a great commitment to not only the Alliance but to the Industry as whole.  I and the rest of the Executive Team look forward to working with them. Welcome to the team Andy, Sarah and Shaun.”


About Andy Boutle
Andy started at Kier in 2013 as a BIM Manager in the Eastern business and is now responsible for Kier’s BIM strategy and implementation across UK Regional Building.  He works closely with specialist BIM resources, departments and leadership throughout the business to drive widespread BIM implementation within Kier.  Andy is focused on ensuring the foundations of BIM Level 2 are properly in place, to build on the value proposition of improved digital delivery to clients, ensure structured information management and to help generate internal efficiencies within Kier.

Andy has over 17 years’ experience in the construction industry, with a background in mechanical engineering, project management and CAD, working for both consultants and contractors. 

About Sarah Davidson
Sarah joined the University’s Department of Architecture and Built Environment in 2018 and is primarily responsible for developing BIM related content and research in under graduate and post graduate programmes.    She continues to work closely with industry and is supporting BIM implementation on a number of projects.  Sarah is keen to help organisations to successfully adopt collaborative working practices and technologies driven through the BIM Level 2 initiative.

Sarah has nearly 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and is a Fellow of the RICS.  She was the first lead for the East Midlands BIM Regions Group and prior to joining the University of Nottingham she was Head of Research and Development at international construction consultancy Gleeds.

About Shaun Farrell
Shaun has previously been the BIM Manager at Zaha Hadid Architects, the BIM lead for Mace on a large project in Russia and as Associate Director for BIM at Turner and Townsend, leading the team and delivering projects in London and the southern, region.  Most recently Shaun has joined BuroHappold Engineering to create and lead the Information Manager Service for Clients.

Shaun is currently reviewing their Information Management requirements for the UK BIM Alliance and researching a suitable platform for the management of the Alliance’s operational data.